Welcome to the United Arab Emirates

Arabian nights with a difference – beach holidays, architectural dreams, shopping adventures and Bedouin dinners; one of the most exciting regions of the world is only a 6 hour flight away from London!


Surrounded by sand dunes, the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman lie seven emirates that combine Arabian tradition with ultra-modern living. Luxurious, multicultural, archaic, idealistic and conservative - all at the same time. An ‘open sesame’ which can become reality for everybody. From souks and shopping malls, camels and luxury limousines to manmade islands and wind towers the message is: ahlan wa sahlan – welcome!


  • © Brooklynworks, iStockphoto.com

    © Brooklynworks, iStockphoto.com


Dubai – you have to see it for yourself. Spectacular luxury hotels, mega-malls for shoppers and utopian construction projects have turned an Arabian trading port on the Creek into a global village.

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    © MPOnline Redaktion

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates boast tradition alongside luxury and innovation, amazing visitors with their extravagant architecture and huge range of goods. Dreams of a sun-drenched paradise come true on the silky white sands of the hotel beaches.

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United Arab Emirates

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