Berlin: Restaurants

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A city of gourmet restaurants and snack bars: everything from currywurst to sushi – Berlin caters to all culinary tastes

Berlin is a gourmet’s paradise. There is a wide choice of places to eat ranging from internationally acclaimed restaurants with Michelin stars to excellent Turkish and Russian cuisine. 

Alpine cuisine – with all the classics such as Wiener schnitzel, boiled beef and potato salad – is especially popular on the banks of the Spree. There, you can even eat lying down! If you want to eat well without ruining your holiday budget, do this at lunchtime when some of the gourmet restaurants offer attractive set meals at relatively inexpensive prices.

You will also find local food at acceptable prices in Berlin. Both locals and visitors like substantial meals with fresh ingredients from the area. Nourishing soups are also popular and the many soup bars in the city centre, which offer new dishes every day, are time-honoured institutions. The large number of Italian restaurants also provide a good choice for a quick meal. Interestingly, many are owned by Turks and you will hardly hear a word of Italian coming out of the kitchen. But, in most cases the pizzas and pasta are up to standard and there might only be some discussion about the salads; uninteresting glasshouse produce and ready-made dressings are unfortunately wide-spread.

Seeing as Berlin has around 160,000 Turkish residents, there are surprisingly few Turkish restaurants. However, you can find a döner kebab stand on most corners – even in the eastern sector of the city. Most people are not aware that pita bread filled with meat and salad is just as much a Berlin invention as currywurst. And then there are the Russians – not only in the form of their own clubs and bars but also their culinary culture. Beef stroganoff, borscht and pelmeni taste especially good washed down with vodka.

Asian cooking is still popular, although many Chinese restaurants don’t come anywhere near the quality of those in their original country. On the other hand, modern Asian cooking with lemon-grass soup and paeng chicken has many admirers, especially now that many restaurant owners have moved away from the kitschy pseudo-Asian interior decoration of former days. Many restaurateurs have managed to remain successful by switching to pan-Asian cooking: Asian dishes with an American or European touch. Eating is always a matter of what is in fashion – especially in a big city like Berlin.

MARCO POLO Highlights

Café Einstein

Outstanding coffee, polite service and cosy Viennese coffee-house

Fischers Fritz

Haute cuisine in the hotel’s kitchen – not only for fish fans


The chef spoils you with dishes with a touch of France

Tadschikische Teestube

Fairy-tale-like: you sit on colourful cushions and enjoy specialities from the Far East


Unpretentious gourmet cuisine with style in the heart of Kreuzberg 

Sage Restaurant

Rough industrial surroundings, white tablecloths

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