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Germany definitely has an ace up its sleeve – its diversity! You can experience all 4 seasons in one on a single day in April. Many visitors are spoilt for choice with over 150 scenic roads and tours to choose from. What type of landscape do you fancy? In the north there are 2 seas, the North Sea with its sophisticated holiday islands like Sylt and family resorts like St Peter Ording and the Baltic Sea with Germany’s largest and most charming island, Ruegen.


In the middle of the country you’ll find enchanting, hilly regions like the Harz, the Sauerland, Taunus and Hunsrück as well as crystal-clear lakes. There are also amazing river landscapes along the Rhine, the Moselle and Elbe with slate-roofed houses and mighty castles along the way. Germany is also renowned for its beer festivals with ‘Oktoberfest’ being the most famous.


  • © VincentMosch, iStockphoto.com

    © VincentMosch, iStockphoto.com


Berlin attracts creative people from all over the world as if by magic. No other city in Europe has as much art and culture to offer!

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  • © schilling, marcopolo.de

    © schilling, marcopolo.de


In the shadow of the Dom: where the old and the new, current culture and folklore meet to create a way of life unique to Cologne.

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