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Marco Polo Sicily: the Travel Guide with Insider Tips


Experience all of Sicily’s attractions with this up-to date and authoritative guide, complete with Insider Tips. You’ll discover beautiful hotels and authentic restaurants, lonely beaches, the latest trendy spots and where to find the best nightlife. There are also tips for limited budgets and shopping as well as ideas for what to do with kids, plus sports and many other activities. Further sections include: Festivals & Events, Travel Tips, Italian phrase book, Links, Blogs, Apps & more, and Index. Useful too is the ‘Perfect Route’ chapter which outlines a journey around the island, and the handy folding pull-out map supplied in addition to the Road Atlas inside.

With an area of 25,709 sq km, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and thus a small world unto itself. People have been arriving on these shores for millennia, merging their cultures and lifestyles together - Greeks, Romans, Arabs, North Africans, Spaniards and others. The sea is never very far away – you can see it from almost every mountain. The highest is the more than 3,000 m high volcano Mount Etna, whose activities regularly make the headlines. And the cities, full of culture and history, are also very lively. With MARCO POLO Sicily you can explore an island world of immense interest and variety. At every turn you can discover something new in this fabulous holiday destination. The practical pocket-sized guide provides a close-up look of what must be the most exciting and colourful part of Italy, leading you to lemon-scented gardens, rugged volcanic landscapes and lively piazzas, all of it set amidst the ancient and the modern against a backdrop of glorious scenery.

The Perfect Route reveals the island in all its diversity, taking you to the nicest stretches of coast and through the melancholic capital Palermo; into bastions of the Baroque and on the trail of the ancients. The Best Of pages highlight what is currently in vogue in Sicily - rural and sustainable holidays for example, and recommend things to do for free, have tips for rainy days and where you can relax and unwind. Panels in each chapter suggest things to do if you’re on a tight budget and where you might pick up some real bargains. The Insider Tips reveal where the Mafia had their hideouts and where you can watch flamingos up close. Trips & Tours has suggestions for ways to discover the scenic diversity of the island, while the Sports & Activities chapter details various options including riding, windsurfing, pargliding and even skiing. Last but not least the Dos and Don’ts explain why the Menú turistico isn’t worth it and why you should keep all your receipts.

MARCO POLO Sicily provides comprehensive coverage of all parts of the island. To help you find your way around there’s the detailed Road Atlas, useful maps of Catania, Palermo, Taormina and Trápani in the cover, plus the pull-out map.


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