Marco Polo Phrasebooks

Learn how to ‘rant, bitch and swear’ in style with new phrasebook series


Our brand new range of Marco Polo phrasebooks promises not only to help you avoid ‘faux pas’ and spare your blushes whilst holidaying abroad, but also to teach you to swear like a native.


The French, German, Italian and Spanish phrasebooks feature a wide range of slang and colloquial phrases, plus an entire section on ‘Ranting, Bitching and Swearing’. We'll show you the language that is really spoken on the streets! Armed with expressions such as “bullshit!”, “kiss my ass” and “that pisses me off!” you will never be left frustrated or lost for words in foreign climes again.


These handy little books also feature local knowledge and advice on how to blend in, including ‘insider tips’ on how to pass for a native, not just a tourist. For example, did you know that when invited for lunch or an evening meal in France it is customary to turn up a casual quarter of an hour late? Or that if you favour organic fare, it’s best to avoid asking for a meal without ‘preservatifs’ or you risk getting a strange look from your waiter (‘preservatifs’ are condoms!)


Other features of these new phrasebooks include:


“Point and show” photo dictionary – a picture is worth a thousand words, whether you are out shopping, in a restaurant, at a hotel or need help with your car


Don’t be shy, just get stuck in – simple phonetic pronunciation guides help you pronounce all the words, terms and phrases easily and correctly, with a handy pocket-sized ‘Cheat Sheet’ for when you’re out and about


From A to Z – at the doctor’s, at the police station or at the bank, when things get tricky or need sorting fast, this is the go-to list of key words and expressions


Food & Drink – order with ease and tuck in with pleasure, foreign language menus will never be an indecipherable mystery again


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