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Our top insider tips for Rhodes:


Horse riding excursion

A small stable near Faliráki, with around six horses and a pony, offers holidaymakers the chance to take riding lessons or go for a short excursion on horseback. Expert riders can choose a three-and-a-half hour ride through the surrounding hilly countryside (60 euros) and beginners are advised to try a 90-minute ride through the olive groves to Traganoú Beach (30 euros). Fívos Horseback Riding | South of Faliráki, west of the main road to Líndos | Tel. 69 38 61 82 52


Day trip to Sými

Excursion boats take visitors to the tiny neighbouring island of Sými on a daily basis. The main town has many old captain's houses and is an extremely picturesque place to see. With its lack of sandy beaches, Sými hasn't developed as a popular tourist destination but it is perfect for those looking to see something a bit different! The boats run several times a day from Mandráki Harbour in Rhodes Town and there is no need to book in advance.


First dive

Several boats leave Mandráki Harbour in Rhodes Town every day on diving excursions. If you’re new to scuba diving, the Vasilía will take you to Rhodes’ dive sites for a first taste of an oxygen mask and the undersea world 5–6 metres below the surface. Boat Vasilía | Rhodes Diving Centre | Tel. 2 24 10 22 02 07 | Odós Lisavónas 33 | Rhodes New Town


Multicultural cuisine

Tucked away in the sophisticated hotspot of Rhodes' Old Town is a quirky restaurant called Mandala. It serves fusion and evolutionary cuisine made by Swedish and French chefs. The music and food is multicultural and it is a popular place for foreigners and artists living in the Old Town. Odós Sofokléous 38 | Tel. 22 41 03 81 19 | Moderate


Peaceful pebble beaches

At Cape Foúrni there are two remote pebble beaches that can be reached via a tarmac road. The best time to enjoy the beautiful view across the sea is just before sunset; you can see the south of Cape Foúrni, Cape Armenistís and the island of Hálki.


A tranquil place to stay

You can live and dine in pleasant, rustic surroundings at Artemída House on the road to Archípolis. Not only can you enjoy the rural tranquillity of a stay here, you can also savour excellent Rhodian specialities. 7 rooms | Tel. 22 41 05 00 03 | Budget


Boutique hotel

The Spirit of the Knights boutique hotel in the Old Town has six suites and a whirlpool in the garden. The proprietors are very environmentally conscious: the hotel uses solar power and was renovated using only wood from stewarded forests. Even the radiators are made of marble instead of metal. All furnishing textiles are made of organically produced fibres and the beds are suitable for allergy sufferers. Guests can also hire bicycles free of charge. Odós Alexandrídou 14 | Tel. 22 41 03 97 65 | Expensive


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