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Ever wondered where some of your favourite films were actually shot? Here is Marco Polo's guide to iconic filming locations around the world...


Sex and the City

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Some of the most iconic places in New York City are famous due to the hit film Sex and the City. One of the most popular locations to visit is "Carrie’s Front Stoop", which is situated at 64 Perry Street in Manhattan’s West Village.

Christie’s Auction House is also another popular attraction - fans will remember it from when the girls attend a jewellery auction and Samantha bids on the flower ring. It is located at 20 Rockefeller Plaza, West 49th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Finally, the restaurant where Carrie’s engagement is announced, The Modern, is situated at 9 West 53rd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and is an extremely popular and highly-rated place to dine.

Want to see them all? On Location Tours run a very successful guided tour of the Sex and the City film locations, which takes you to more than 40 hotspots from the show!



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Twilight is set in Forks, Washington, however it is generally filmed in Vernonia in Oregon. Bella’s father's house can be found at 184 South 6th Street, about 20 miles east of Vernonia, in Saint Helens.

The Carver Café where Bella and her father go out for dinner is situated about five miles northeast of Oregon City, 16471 SE Highway 224. It is a very popular place to visit amongst Twilight fans as other places seen in the films such as the bookstore, dress shop and Italian restaurant are just film sets.

‘La push’ beach, where Jacob tells Bella about the Cullen family legends and where Bella goes cliff jumping is a real beach and is located off of Highway 110 about 15 miles west of Forks in Washington. 


Lord of the Rings

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Over 150 magnificent locations from the Lord of the Rings trilogy can be found in New Zealand - the home of middle earth. Most of these places can be found quickly and easily as many are located in popular tourist areas. The most popular is the Hobbiton village, which is situated on a beautiful dairy farm set outside the North Island town of Matamata.

One of the most easily accessible locations is Mount Victoria, in Wellington, which is just a short walk from the city centre. The mountain’s forests were used as the Hobbiton woods in the film, where the Hobbits hid from the black riders.

Another popular Wellington location is Kaitoke Regional Park, which is named Rivendell in the film. The exact location where Frodo recovered from the knife attack - a grassy area surrounded by native forest - is signposted from the carpark.


The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games, the science fiction film series about a televised fight to the death, is set within beautiful forests with stunning waterfalls and landscapes. Visit DuPont State Forest in North Carolina to see these locations in the flesh and walk in the same footsteps as the tributes did in the games!


The Beach

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In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Richard sets out in search of a paradise beach and finds it in the form of Maya Bay (on the island of Phi Phi near Phuket).

Maya beach is absolutely stunning but it doesn’t look exactly the same as it does in the film. The production team actually imported palm trees in order to improve the scenery for filming! Even the most perfect beach in the world just wasn’t deemed perfect enough!

Another location to visit is the spectacular Haeo Suwat waterfall, which can be found in Kaho Yai National Park, north of Bangkok.


In Bruges

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Climb up the 366 steps of the Belfry tower for view of the city from the point where gangster Harry confronts fellow gangster Ken (Brendan Gleeson) with dramatic consequences for the tourists in the Market Square below.

The hotel where Ray and Ken stayed is also a popular place to visit for In Bruges fans. It’s called the ‘Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce’-hotel’ and is located on the waterfront. 


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