Top 10 Summer Holiday Destinations

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Still deciding where to go this summer? Let Marco Polo inspire you with our Top 10 summer holiday destinations: 


Clean seawater, fresh air, heavenly beaches, natural bays, sheltered coves, rocky cliffs, barrier islands and a subtropical climate. This place ticks all the boxes for those hungry for a holiday – and it is only a two-and-a-half to three hour flight from the UK! 

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Beaches, beaches, beaches! The island is surrounded by them, and there is such a great variety that everybody can find their perfect dream beach. If you do, however, leave the beaches, you’ll come across many small villages that are hardly ever visited by tourists and where you can still experience traditional Greek hospitality. A perfect holiday combination. 

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Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love, is said to have been a Cypriot girl. This sunny island tucked away in the furthest east of the Mediterranean is truly an adequate home for a beauty expert, with its long dream beaches, crystal-clear waters, and wild and dramatic coasts. 

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The oldest tourist destination in the world – and still one of the best! Temples and pyramids, treasures of the pharaohs, bustling bazaars, beaches and diving – Egypt has all of this and more! 

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A miniature metropolis and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Young and old, singles and couples, art lovers, gourmets, shopaholics and globetrotters – everyone loves Florence! And the best bit - almost all the major sights are easily reached on foot, so exploring the many varied delights of this city couldn’t be easier. 

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Soft golden sands and wonderful blue sea attract holidaymakers in their masses – but it’s not all about the beaches. Look out of the window as your plane descends; it is as if you are arriving on the moon! 

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Mallorca is a magnet, and the largest island in the Balearics pulls them all in: kings, artists, pop stars, drop-outs and downsizers – and most of all tourists. No other Mediterranean destination is as varied and as versatile. Mallorca’s most important resource: its overwhelmingly natural beauty.

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Malta is like a lavish buffet. You can choose what you like from what’s on offer, and enjoy a holiday there at any time of year. Malta and its little sister Gozo are small enough to allow you to get to know the island republic within a single week. You can go diving and windsurfing, you can swim and play golf, take a culinary journey round the world or make it a ‘wellness’ holiday in a spa. And Malta’s nightlife has made the island a happening place on the club circuit.

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An island of great contrasts: blue ocean, great beaches, rugged cliffs, deep gorges, dense forests, barren wastes and Mount Teide volcano rising out of a bizarre sea of lava – all-in-all an opulent display of nature’s diversity. Wander through colonial towns, explore museums and churches – culturally Tenerife has a lot to offer. Sit with the locals in down-to-earth bars, enjoy their traditional food, drink their strong wines and share in their lively festivals. Surf, dive, walk, cycle, turn night into day or simply lie back and relax − there is no place for boredom on Tenerife. And the sun will keep shining − throughout the whole year.

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Discover the ‘Turkish Riviera’ - the stretch of the coast between Antalya and Alanya is one of the most popular holiday destinations for visitors from many other European countries. The tourism infrastructure in this region is absolutely state-of the-art and offers everything from all-inclusive complexes and small hotels in historical towns such as Side, to campsites and guesthouses in Manavgat. 

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