Top 10 Beaches: Best for "See and be Seen"

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Let yourself be inspired by this selection of especially beautiful beaches – and have fun planning the holiday of a lifetime! Marco Polo's Top 10 Beaches... Best for "See and be Seen":


1. France, Saint-Tropez, Plage de Pampelonne

Whoever wants to catch a glimpse of famous faces in one of the many beach clubs is perfectly positioned on the Plage de Pampelonne on the French Riviera. Keep a look-out too for wooden Riva motor boats – there are bound to be some stars aboard these. 

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2. South Africa, Cape Town, Camps Bay

In beautiful Camps Bay swimming is not really a top priority as the temperature of the Atlantic is only around 16°C. Instead, just enjoy people watching and being seen.  

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3. USA, Miami, South Beach

Skin-tight dresses, ankle-breaking high heels, white sand, colourful buildings. Miami’s South Beach is just one big catwalk. Enjoy people watching with the pretty backdrop of the Art Deco District.

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4. Italy, Capri, Faraglioni

When the red sun sinks into the sea off Capri then you can be pretty certain that a famous name is on the island somewhere. The beautiful Gulf of Naples only has small beaches but many luxurious beach clubs, such as the one opposite the Faraglioni. 

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5. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana

Miniscule bikinis, long legs and well-toned bodies. Cultivating body culture on the white sands of the Copacabana is just as legendary as the girls from Ipanema Beach next door. Valuables however are best left at home. 

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6. Spain, Tenerife, Playa de las Teresitas

There’s always something to see here. You can’t really be sure what is more beautiful about the Playa de las Teresitas – the palms on the powdery-white sandy beach or the beauties in bikinis flaunting their all. Decide for yourself!

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7. USA, Venice, Muscle Beach

It’s non-stop training on Venice Beach. Those who don’t join in have a camera in their hands. Their toned subjects are happy to show off: sit-ups, crunches, press-ups... Relaxation for (sporty) holiday-makers can be found in the fantastic B&B Venice Beach House.

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8. France, Deauville

Rita Hayworth, Tom Hanks, Ed Harris... The list of names on the pretty beach huts in Deauville is just as long as the row of little huts itself. Star or no star, anyone can promenade up and down ‘les Planches’, the beach boardwalk, whether a famous celebrity or not. Well, you can always pretend. 

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9. China, Hong Kong, Repulse Bay Beach

The sand looks carefully raked, the little trees prettily lined up and the atmosphere is that of a relaxed resort. In Repulse Bay, right in the middle of this trendy residential area, the chances of seeing a film star are high – Jackie Chan, for example. He lives here. Is that him over there? In the evening take a TurboJET high-speed ferry to Macau, Asia’s Las Vegas with a Portuguese flair. 

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10. Italy, Portofino, Paraggi

"One can quite suddenly come upon a hidden bay... a little village..." Guy de Maupassant was struck by the magical charm of what has since become the most famous ‘fishing village’ in the world back in 1889. A playground for the rich, powerful and beautiful. La dolce vita on little Paraggi Beach. 

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